Bagasse, The Solution To The Styrofoam Ban


Bagasse is an innovative alternative to many different materials available in the foodservice disposable market. Although it is similar to paper, bagasse adds its own flair to make durable, yet fashionable, tableware. Paper has long been a staple in the food industry, but eco-friendly alternatives are on the rise. The basic difference between bagasse and paper is the materials in which they are made from. Bagasse is made from organic sugarcane pulp that is collected after the sugar is harvested from the cane. Once all the juice is extracted, the left-over fibers are used to make many products, including foodservice packaging.



When they breakdown after disposal, no harsh chemicals are returned to the earth, which reduces the overall impact on the environment. Also, minimal chemicals are needed to transform sugarcane into durable products. The sugarcane pulp is naturally strong, so it makes for sturdy containers and tableware. Bagasse products are 100% biodegradable, making them eco-friendlier than many other disposables. Using biodegradable products isn’t only better for our landfills, but it also benefits our atmosphere. Biodegradable products require less fuel to make and break down. Additionally, these products reduce the amount of pollution exerted into our air because they do not ooze chemicals into the ground.


Not only are businesses enjoying the change, but their customers are behind the “going green” movement as well. They are happy with the many benefits of eco-friendly disposables, but they are also pleased with the different options All Florida Paper provides. We have a vast selection of bagasse containers, cups, plates and bowls. Our bagasse products come in many different sizes, which means you’ll be able to find the perfect product to meet your needs.

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Each product is made with premium sugarcane, so you can find comfort in knowing you’re using quality, biodegradable products. Bagasse breaks down faster than paper products, so this, along with its origin, leads it to be one of the eco-friendliest disposable materials. Sugarcane is also part of the grass family and grows faster than trees. Its re-growing rate leads to a more sustainable resource and sugarcane is already being harvested for the sugar industry’s needs. Since bagasse is 100% plant-based, it breaks down more easily than other disposable options such as Styrofoam. Additionally, recycling centers find it extremely expensive to recycle Styrofoam, but it is easier and cheaper to recycle plant-based materials. Bagasse and paper products are commonly confused because the materials are very similar in their looks and function. Especially in the restaurant industry, companies.

Using fast-growing plants, such as sugarcane or bamboo, instead of trees or nonrenewable resources reduces our lasting negative impact on our planet’s ecosystems. Especially in establishments like catering businesses and food trucks, where disposables are most commonly used, using biodegradable products drastically helps the environment.

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